Headchef Hexellence Herb Grinder 55mm 4 Part Silver

Headchef Hexellence Herb Grinder 55mm 4 Part Silver

Product Code:Headchef Hexellence Herb Grinder 55mm 4 Part Silver
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  • £19.99

Headchef Hexellence Herb Grinder 55mm 4 Part Silver 

This awesome 4 part sifter shredder looks great, slices through herbs with ease and features a specially designed lid to provide better grip. 

The Head Chef Hexellence gets its name from its hexagonal lid that has been specifically engineered to provide the user with an ergonomic grip. 

The sifter allows you to collect and store the most potent part of your herbs for use later. 

The Hexellence also includes a small scraper to help with the collection of the sift. 

Keep your grinder clean and sharp with our Limpuro Grinder Cleaner! 

And if you need further cleaning solutions then please check our sister site Limpuro 

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